Four luxurious bushveld beds and an urban gem

Four luxurious bushveld beds and an urban gem

57 Waterberg

These locations give you the opportunity to indulge in absolute relaxation away from the city buzz.

If you don’t like camping – and think the bush should be a luxurious experience where tipple is served, and comfy armchairs appear out of nowhere – then you’re in luck.

Here are four luxury spots where you can get the best of the bushveld from under the covers and then a rather special and opulent location to visit in the city.

1. Leobo Lodge

From the bed’s billowing canopy in the soft breeze to the incredible vantage over the Palala Valley and it’s comfiness, a bed at Leobo is a dream come true.

Situated in the beautiful Waterberg region, the 8,000 hectare estate is abundant in wildlife and rich in archaeological history as well as Bushman paintings.

A mesmerising stretch of bushveld savannah interspersed with natural, crystal-clear streams makes it easy to see why Leobo is one of the most expensive destinations in South Africa.

Leobo, which is the name for chameleon in Northern Sotho is a fitting name for this reserve.

Leobo Lodge

Just like the creature, guests can change their day at the drop of a hat, pretty much do whatever they want and be accommodated by staff ready to pick up the changes.

A day at Leobo for eight people sharing will be around R80 000 and includes a bounty of amenities and is all-inclusive. However, there is no greater joy than waking up in the heart of the bush on one of the lush beds in the reserve.

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2. Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villas

With the entire lodge and villas surrounded by Welgevonden Game Reserve, Mhondoro is a place where great emphasis is placed on combining the beautiful natural surroundings with interiors that appeal to the natural splendour of its surroundings.

But the true heart of the lodge is in each of the bedrooms where you are more than likely to have a view over the watering hole.

Sip coffee (or take a glass of Amarula on ice) to your room and enjoy a sunset or sunrise in the comfort of crisp white linen.

Mhondoro offers great all-inclusive rates for families and couples, as well as spectacular morning and afternoon game drives. Rivalling the beds are the baths that also feature fantastic bushveld vistas.

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Mhondoro Safari Lodge and Villas

3. 57 Waterberg

From the massive king-size beds to the fireplaces that will already be lit by the time you head to your room in the winter, 57 Waterberg is the accumulation of luxury and comfort.

The small boutique lodge is all about serving guests, and it becomes clear the moment you enter your massive room.

Featuring a private deck and jacuzzi overlooking Welgevonden Game Reserve, you are more than welcome to completely open those curtains as you laze around on your bed drinking in the scenery.

With a small waterhole nearby, you are more than likely to even see some game also lazing about.

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4. Earth Lodge, Sabi Sabi

You know the going is good when luxury meets eco-conscious living. Earth Lodge is a sanctuary symbolising a new era in safari lodges.

The lodge is sculpted into a slope, nearly invisible in the landscape, where the natural surroundings are found inside too – and it’s described as the most environmentally sensitive lodge in the country.

Earth Lodge, Sabi Sabi

On top of that – it’s just plain beautiful. The eco-philosophy, seclusion, and beauty makes this an unrivalled place to rest your head.

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5. The Orient

Yes, it seems odd to include The Orient considering it’s not situated inside a game reserve, but luxury is defined inside this spectacular hotel that provides some of the most opulent accommodation in South Africa.

The Orient

While Restaurant Mosiac will certainly be one of the main reasons to visit The Orient, the rooms provide a luxurious escape. If you’re lucky, you might stay in one of the rooms featuring its own pillowy alcove. If not, there’s so much to explore at the hotel.

From art to the library and its overall serene quietness – The Orient is one of those places where the outside world becomes a very distant hum. Be sure to try an book a table at Chef Chantal Dartnell’s Restaurant Mosiac while you are there – it adds another level to this getaway.

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