WATCH: The incredible luxuries of flying first class

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Forget about cramped legroom, an annoyingly chatty neighbour, stinky feet, and someone hogging the armrest.

Flying first class is almost more comfortable than being in your own home.

With a wide range of entertainment, a gourmet menu, and a full-length bed, what more could you really want? And those are just the basics. Some airlines offer luxury overnight bags including designer toiletries and pyjamas. Some will even come and tuck you in at night.

Seats or suites?

In fact, when you book your first-class ticket, you’re booking something that looks more like a hotel suite than an airline seat. Many airlines have installed first-class pods or cubicles that offer more privacy and personal space than ever before.

Here are the world’s top first-class seats, according to Skytrax.

1. Etihad Airways

2. Emirates

3. Air France

4. Singapore Airlines

5. Cathay Pacific

6. Qatar Airways

7. Japan Airlines

8. All Nippon Airways

9. Garuda Indonesia

10. Lufthansa

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