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Recipe: Tipiak Polenta toast with bacon and sundriend tomato

Polenta Bruschetta.

Polenta Bruschetta.

Recipe serves: 6

Preparation: 15 minutes

* 3 cups water.
* ¾ teaspoon salt.
* 1 sachet Tipiak polenta.
* 5ml batter.
* Cooking spray.
* 200g bacon, fried until crisp.
* Half a cup marinated sundried tomatoes.
* Half a cup pitted black olives, sliced.
* Rocket to serve.

* Cook the polenta according to the pack instructions. Add the butter.
* Spray a 20cm baking tin with cooking spray, transfer the polenta into the
tin, allow to cool, once at room temperature, slice the polenta into slices,
place onto a hot griddle pan and char on both sides.
* Top with the crisp bacon, sundried tomatoes and olives.
Serve with rocket

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