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7 Jul 2020
1:14 pm

Quick, easy, no bake Nutella recipe bombs, say no more

Citizen reporter

This Nutella recipe is so quick and easy, plus you can drop these bombs into warm milk for an amazing hot chocolate.

Nutella chocolate balls. Photo: iStock

Chocolate hazelnut spread, Nutella recipes go well with anything sweet. Can be eaten alone, warning refrain from eating the whole jar!

This Nutella chocolate bombs, from All 4 Women is easy, quick, no-bake and ready to be added to hot milk for the cold winter months or can be added with your hot chocolate.

What you will need:

A large slab of milk chocolate

Small jar Nutella

Nutella. Photo: iStock

Small artists’ brushes

Plastic chocolate mould


Cut the chocolate mould so everybody has an individual mould, to avoid any fight.

Break the chocolate into blocks and place in a bowl. Put each mould in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time, no longer, and stir in between each session.

Once melted, stir until smooth, cool down for a few minutes so it’s still runny but not hot, it makes it easier to work with. Dip paintbrushes in the chocolate and paint first the sides and then the bottom of the chocolate moulds.

Place in the fridge for a minute or two to harden. Repeat twice more.

Once the final layer of chocolate is hard and set, use a teaspoon to spoon Nutella into the chocolate moulds, even though tempting do not fill them. Leave a 2mm gap.

Chocolate moulds. Photo: iStock

Fill that gap by spooning over the last of the melted chocolate and refrigerate until set. Once set, remove from the moulds.

The Nutella hot chocolate bombs must stay in the fridge until used.

To make hot chocolate, simply boil milk, pour into glasses, drop in a Nutella bomb, stir and tuck in.

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