How to eat healthily when dining out

How to eat healthily when dining out

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Going to a restaurant for dinner can be stressful when you’re trying to stay healthy.

Personal trainer Kayla Itsines shared some of her tips for how to eat healthier when eating in restaurants on Instagram.

Over the weekend, Kayla shared a post on the social media site with her advice on what to order when eating out, so you can enjoy a flavorful meal that is still healthy and full of nutrients.

As well as sharing some insights into what she personally orders, Kayla’s tips include:

Order an extra serving of salad or vegetables.

Drink water instead of soda or other sugary drinks. Kayla recommends adding ice, mint and lime to make it more interesting and refreshing or asking for a glass of soda water if you want some fizz without the extra sugar.

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Order grilled meat or steamed fish for a light and tasty meal, but without the unhealthy trans fats often found in fried foods.

If there is something slightly unhealthier that you really want, such as a delicious pasta dish, ask if someone at the table will share it with you, and then you can still get a healthy meat or fish dish with lots of vegetables.

Order dressing or sauces on the side so you can add just a little, and avoid heavy, creamy dressings. Instead, Kayla opts for a light olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper dressing.

Although Kayla noted that going to a restaurant for dinner can be stressful when you’re trying to stay healthy, she emphasised that going out should be a time to enjoy with friends and eat “amazing” food. So stop letting eating out stress you out.

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