Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
3 minute read
8 Oct 2019
11:30 am

Maps Maponyane opens his own burger joint, Buns Out

Kaunda Selisho

The menu offers burgers of the meat, vegetarian and vegan variety, as well as some bunless options, all with quirky and punny names.

Buns Out burger restaurant. Picture: Facebook

From the outside looking in, the first week of business for media personality turned restaurateur Maps Maponyane has been a good one. Given the fact that Maponyane and his partners are still ironing out the kinks of their business, pedants would refer to this stage as a “soft opening”, but the strong show of support from members of the public and famous faces means that they’re operating at full throttle. Everyone, friends and family included, found out about Maponyane’s new business, called Buns Out, via social media when the star shared a snap of himself sitting in the restaurant beside...