6 superfoods every woman needs to boost health

6 superfoods every woman needs to boost health

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Berries keep your brain sharp, and help your skin stay firm and smooth in your later years.

Did you know that there are some foods that are really good for women’s bodies specifically?

Women and men have different common health issues, and certain foods can help women to deal with these by providing the nutrients necessary to ward off the issues before they start, or to treat them once they’re there.

Here are some of these superfoods for women:


Kale. Picture: iStock

The health food everyone loves to talk about. Why? Because it is actually really good for you!

Kale is full of vitamin K, which works with vitamin D and calcium to keep your bones healthy and strong as you age. Women tend to lose a lot of bone mass as they age, especially after going through menopause. Kale also contains lots of vitamins A and C, so it’s good bang for your buck.

If you have a small garden, it’s also really easy to grow and care for. Try it – you might find a fun hobby that is also super healthy.


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Beans are high in protein, without the high financial and environmental costs of meat.

Beans are also high in fibre, and can ease your blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar which can lead to a lower risk of heart disease – a leading killer of women in developed countries.

Cherries and berries

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These colourful little guys are high in flavonoids and antioxidants, which are great for protecting your cells from damage. Berries keep your brain sharp, and help your skin to stay firm and smooth in your later years, too.


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Melons like papaya and watermelon contain lycopene – an antioxidant which regulates cholesterol and blood pressure, and also reduces your risk of getting breast or cervical cancers.

Greek yogurt

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Yoghurt packs a major calcium punch, and that’s something you really can use as you get older.

It helps your bones to stay in good shape, your muscles to contract, your blood to clot and your heart to beat. These are all pretty important functions, right?

Look for the yoghurts with vitamin D added, as this will help your body to use the calcium better.


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Asparagus is another food that is high in vitamin K, and that’s good news for your bones – many women do struggle with brittle bone related issues as they get older.

But that’s not all. Asparagus is also really high in folate, which helps prevent birth defects in babies, so if you know any pregnant women or plan on conceiving in the future, make sure you stock up on fresh (not tinned) asparagus.

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