Preventing a nut allergy may be as easy as feeding your toddler nuts

A new study has revealed the tiny amount it takes to help prevent nut allergies.

A new study has revealed that feeding your baby just 2g of peanut butter, three times a week, will make them 80% less likely to be allergic after five years than babies whose parents avoid it.

The research, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, further advised that babies that showed no signs, or low signs of eczema, can be introduced to peanuts at home, but have cautioned that parents of babies with an egg allergy or high signs of eczema should first consult a specialist.

All of the young ones who took part in the study were deemed to be at risk of a peanut allergy because they already had an egg allergy or eczema.

“No matter how you look at it statistically, this is extremely significant and achieved through the relatively simple intervention of eating peanut,” said study co-author Dr George du Toit.

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