Lock, stock and wine barrel: Eggnog

Lock, stock and wine barrel: Eggnog

Eggnog. Picture: iStock

Potstill brandy adds a delightfully sweet depth of flavour to the egg drink with the zing of alcohol.

Every winter feels colder than the previous one, as we pull our jackets tighter and long for the sweaty days of summer.

But one comfort blanket that soothes the frigid air has always been food and drink.

A chug of Glühwein here, a tot of whisky there – it all helps to make teeth-clattering evenings better.

With Christmas in July celebrations around the corner, why not hone in on one of America’s most comforting winter traditions, right here in South Africa?

With the humble egg, milk, sugar and a dash of cinnamon (and a splosh of alcohol if you desire), eggnog is the friendly option that will chase away the fear of a runny nose.

Traditionally, eggnog was made with sherry, eggs and milk – and only reserved for the bourgeoisie. These days, it can be a treat on a budget, alcohol-free (or gloriously libated), calorie conscious or a festival of sugar and spice.

Picture: iStock

I grew up with a simple recipe that I altered through the years.

Traditionally, eggnog is thickened with eggs. Raw eggs scare some people, but according to the SA African Poultry Association eggs carrying the pasteurised label have a small chance of carrying any contaminates.

Law requires that eggs are pasteurised using methods such as irradiation, microwave and hot air technology.Using these eggs in a recipe will ensure a great result.

If you are, however, scared of foodborne illnesses, eggs still play an important role to thicken an eggnog when heat is applied. With a splash of milk it helps create a custard-like nog.

When it comes to adding tipple, a great one is KVW 10-year-old Potstill brandy. Similar to Cognac, it adds a delightfully sweet depth of flavour to the egg drink with the zing of alcohol.

At under R300 you get all the delights of pricey Cognac you can enjoy with your eggnog.

KVW 10-year-old Potstill brandy is available nationwide, with retail prices starting at R250.

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