New on the market: wine flavoured fruit

Why not just drink rosé?

Everyone knows the saying, “the darker the berry the sweeter the juice”, but now a fruit company in California has developed a berry that might give you a reason to try light coloured fruit. The company named Driscoll’s has, through GMO-free, traditional breeding methods, developed berries they swear taste just like rosé wine.

According to a statement released by the company, the berries have a “smooth, silky, creamy texture,” that packs the “peachy-floral” aromas of a good and dry rosé.

There are two kinds, the first, a kind of strawberry and others, which are a cross-breed of golden and red raspberries. The, unsurprisingly named, rosé berries are said to be ideal for new kinds of wine flavoured jams, slightly dryer toppings for cheesecakes or desserts, or for adding flavour to biscuits, as well as simple, good old-fashioned eating.

The only question left is why you wouldn’t just drink rosé.

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