Nadiya Hussain makes home cooking easy with her recipe book

Nadiya Hussain makes home cooking easy with her recipe book

Nadiya Hussain. Picture: BBC

The British chef tried some biltong while in SA – something she might just include in her next cookbook.

Two weeks ago, Nadiya Hussain was in South Africa to launch her upcoming travel cooking series Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey on BBC Lifestyle.

This follows from her latest cookbook Nadiya’s Family Favourites – a must-have recipe book.

Since winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015, Hussain has seen her career take off and became a global culinary star. But it’s her simple take on food that has made her popular.

Taking on family favourites in such a great way has also made Nadiya’s Family Favourites a great go-to, thanks to its appealing recipes that have mass appeal.

Nadiya’s Family Favourites. Picture: BBC

The book forms part of Hussain’s brand which sees her as a regular face on BBC Lifestyle channel, with a host of cooking shows aimed at bringing the family together at meal times to enjoy tasty, accessible and varied foods from across the world.

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, which started showing on DStv channel 174 last month, is an extension of her take on food. In this heart-warming TV programme, 34-year-old Hussain makes a surprise discovery about her DNA which sees her travel solo for the first time, exploring the people, places and food of Thailand and Cambodia.

Her search for connections in these countries takes her from the world-famous temples of Angkor Wat in the north of Cambodia to a Muslim island in the deep south of Thailand.

Spice and flavour are the cornerstone to the show, as in Nadiya’s Family Favourites. She knows how to take ordinary and simple dishes into mouth-watering best.

Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey. Picture: BBC

“It has been a wonderful experience coming and getting to know a new country and all of its wonderful cultures and cuisines.

“It is lovely to know that my family style approach to cooking and baking has found an audience in South Africa and I am really excited to see what everyone thinks of my latest show Nadiya’s Asian Odyssey, as it has a very personal connection, and follows me discovering some of my family roots.

“I hope to come back to South Africa soon and go on an even bigger adventure here, as there is so much to see, experience and taste,” she added.

But do not think the British national didn’t try some biltong while here – something she might just include in her next cookbook. Until then, Nadiya’s Family Favourites hits the spot.

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