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A Wild Yeast Chardonnay is set to release this year.

It’s a wild time to be alive, so why not balance it with real South African wine, inspired by the Nguni cow.

Wild Yeast Syrah 2017 from Overhex Wines International is the latest addition to its Survivor range and what makes it unique is the fact that it uses naturally occurring yeast, resulting in a wine where you actually taste the terroir.

It is also a full-bodied wine, playing with the hardy character of Nguni cows.

The inspiration for the name actually comes from a Nguni cow in the Swartland region that jumped off a bakkie while being transported – and was unscathed.

Winemaker Ben Snyman sees it as a true expression of Syrah – and he’s not far off. It’s a spicy and layered wine with a backbone of blackberries.

The average 2017 harvest temperature was low with cold weather conditions. The vineyards showed good and balanced growth without being excessive or too vigorous. In most cases, the water supply was sufficient, even at the height of the drought, for ripening.

The season was characterised by healthy, full-flavoured grapes, which means a hearty wine.

Overhex Wines occupies an interesting space in the wine market, locally and globally. It’s not product-driven but market-driven, where grapes are selected from a variety of sources to create wines that are on trend – creating an arsenal of variety – and this latest release is no different.

A Wild Yeast Chardonnay is set to release this year.


  • The wine retails for R185 at the cellar door, but is available countrywide.
  • You can buy it online.
  • For more information visit overhexsurvivor.com

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