Gourmet Nights filled with delights

Gourmet Nights filled with delights

Piccolo Mondo is offering Gourmet Nights with fantastic wine pairings

This year, the Piccolo Mondo in Sandton is hosting Gourmet Nights for foodies and there’s still time left for you to book.

Sandton’s Piccolo Mondo doesn’t really need the ‘hard-sell’ in order to pull in fans of fine dining.

The Michelangelo’s stylish restaurant that sits just a small space away from the hotel’s impressive lobby blends certainly looks the part – its ornate tables and booths look lavish enough – yet the serene atmosphere that’s peppered with tinkly piano music makes the whole dining experience feel gorgeously intimate.

To be honest, the restaurant could probably get away with a lot on looks alone. The fact that it doesn’t – that it offers not only does it offer a superb menu filled with elegant, yet lip-smacking fare but one of the best all-day breakfast in the city – makes it truly special.

Not keen to rest on its laurels, though, the Legacy Hotel restaurant is now offering a monthly Gourmet Evening in which patrons are treated to a fantastic five-course meal, each plate paired with Oneiric wines, specially curated by representatives from some of South Africa’s most famous and best-loved vineyards.

The night I was lucky enough to be allowed to sample was partnered with wines from the Bellingham Homestead Range and the Bellingham The Bernard Series, wines that vinophiles will be aware is rich on the nose and boasts a rather silky finish.

Upon been seated on arrival, I and my fellow diners sample a crisp Chardonnay that complimented the first course marvelously; a Dijon mustard and cider glazed pork belly, horseradish and leek fricassee, peas and maple jus. This was followed by venison accompanied by rooibos jelly, chakalaka frikkadel and leaf dressing. A fruity Bellingham Shiraz set the taste buds tingling nicely.

After a cosmpolitan palette cleanser, we tucked into a tomato Lamb Bredie with chorizo, lamb bacon and white bean puree paired with a sumptuous small barrel SMV. A cheeseboard and mocha pudding followed and I have to confess, dear reader, that at this stage I was enjoying myself too much to take notes.

But as has been mentioned, for a restaurant as grand as the Piccolo Mondo, one never becomes overwhelmed by one’s surroundings. The entire evening is a very relaxed affair, and with vineyard reps on hand, wine lovers and novices are in a great position to learn more about blends, varietals and a couple of slept-on classics from the experts at their table.

The menu and vineyard partners change each Gourmet Night at the Piccolo Mondo and this week sees Mont du Toit take centre stage. Believe me when I tell you it’s well worth heading to the Michelangelo this week.

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