Try this bedtime stretching routine for a better night’s sleep

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The routine will take you less than ten minutes to complete.

If you’re struggling to sleep during the current Covid-19 confinements, then fitness trainer and Instagram star Kayla Itsines suggests a relaxing stretch before bedtime to help you drift off.

Kayla, who is known for creating the hugely popular Sweat fitness app, shared her advice on Instagram on Sunday for trying to improve sleep, particularly right now when she says we are all facing increased levels of stress.

If you’re struggling to switch off, then stretching before bed can help relax both body and mind, says Kayla, who shared one of her favourite nighttime stretch routines in a short video.

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Kayla uses a foam roller and resistance band to stretch the calves and hamstrings, but stretches such as knees-to-chest and child’s pose don’t require any equipment at all.

She says the routine will take you less than ten minutes and to try to complete it before bed every day for a week to see if it works for you.

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