Four bodyweight exercises from celebrity trainers

Four bodyweight exercises from celebrity trainers

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Bodyweight exercises can help with better balance, range of movement, and getting that well-rounded look.

The days of summer are almost upon us.

Here are some tips from celebrity trainers to maintain your arms, chest and back after sessions of winter weight training.

The little-to-no equipment required by these exercises means you could even do them right on the beach. No need to get a gym membership or a fully-equipped home bench to get ripped fast.

Bodyweight exercises bring on the results quickly and safely, while also being an excellent way to help get better balance, range of movement, as well as that well-rounded look. Best of all, you can head to Instagram for inspiration from the all-star trainers’ accounts.

Weight shifting

Ben Bruno, the discreet trainer who is known as “Hollywood’s Secret Weapon” for his ability to get A-list actors in superhero shape, also works with high-level athletes — and has even gotten his mom to pump iron.

This nameless workout, which helps you build your shoulders and arms by shifting the weight of your lower body forward, is just one of his prescriptions to get ripped.

Resistance bands

Don Brooks, who does house calls at Kim and Kanye’s, alternates explosive interval training with innovative strength training workouts.

As a firm believer in resistance bands, which not only help you achieve proper form (and the attendant results) and make the most of your own strength, he knows how much they make training more dynamic — and fun.

Monkey bars

You’ll never look at monkey bars the same: Saint Yeti — who helps Justin Bieber stay cut without the bulk — uses them for leg raises. These will help with forearms, biceps, shoulders, and, of course, abs.

As with most bodyweight exercises, you can choose to keep things lean by doing fewer reps at a slow, controlled pace, or pack on the bulk with more reps at a rapid clip.


Stretching is just as important as pumping. Take it from Don Saladino, who has worked with the likes of Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman, and Ryan Reynolds.

Prevent knots and tightness with this floor stretch, which will relieve your arms, shoulders and upper back after dips, chin-ups and leg lifts.

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