Why you should join an outdoor fitness group

Why you should join an outdoor fitness group

Women's Health Fit Night Out 2018.

The great thing about these movements is that they all cater for varying fitness levels.

Group fitness classes have been around for many years but, in recent times, they have become even more fun and they are drawing larger numbers of people to take up fitness as a lifestyle.

For the longest time, group training classes were mostly held indoors, in studios, thereby limiting the number of attendees per class due to space constraints.

Commercial gyms offer a wide variety of group training classes like zumba, step, kick boxing, yoga, pilates, boot camp, a variety of high-intensity interval training classes and spinning, to name a few.

There is now a massively growing shift in trend that has moved these group fitness classes outdoors.  Nothing beats fresh air. Training outdoors has its pros and cons, though.

While the upside is being able to draw larger numbers to the classes, plus amazing outdoor views, the downside can be weather that doesn’t play along.

This is one of the most common and biggest risks. If it rains, for example, runners and cyclists often continue and finish off their training sessions or race events, but it’s the complete opposite for group training fitness classes.

When the weather plays along, it usually results in the greatest fun for hundreds of people at a time.

There are so many different outdoor group fitness movements that continue to bring a variety of fun fitness classes for people of varying fitness levels. Most of these movements often attract women but the trend is changing. Men are being drawn into the group training vibe and are also reaping the benefits.

BBG, Fit Night Out and Fit Affair are focused solely on women, PopUpGym attracts mainly women and children, but never says no to men, and Urban Fitness Outdoor is a 50-50 gender split. Although fun is often the centre of attention with these large groups, some serious calorie- burning takes place during the workouts.

Another great plus about these group fitness movements is that they also act as a socialising ground. With everyone’s busy schedules, a group of friends meeting at a group fitness event or a class (in the case of Urban Fitness Outdoor) acts as the greatest catch-up before, during and after.

I have often witnessed how coffee shops and restaurants at venues hosting these kinds of fitness gatherings are often filled up after the events due to friends catching up.


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Besides acting as a meeting ground for friends, these movements also help people to meet strangers and make friends. Nothing beats meeting and being surrounded by like-minded people while doing something you all enjoy.

The great thing about these fitness movements is that they all cater for varying fitness levels. In fact, my opinion is that they cater for anyone wanting to burn calories, to look good, feel good and, at the same time, have fun while doing it and to be able to walk away with a smile.

When someone enjoys doing what they do, it’s easy for them to do it more regularly.

Outdoor group fitness classes or events include:

  • PopUpGym (by Khethiwe Mlangeni & Letshego Zulu)
  • Urban Fitness Outdoor (by Jono Cloete)
  • BBG (by Kayla Itsines)
  • Fit Night Out (by Women’s Health magazine)
  • Fit Affair (by Biogen & Fitness Magazine)

Zulu is a qualified biokineticist and co-founder of PopUpGym. Follow her on Instagram: @letshego.zulu Twitter: @letshegom. Facebook: Letshego Zulu

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