Five exercises you can do in your car

Don’t waste those hours you spend commuting.

Between your job, children, various admin tasks and managing your home it can be very easy to find yourself without a spare minute to put in the exercise that you need to stay healthy. Our busy lives are increasingly taking the blame when it comes to finding the reasons for why we are out of shape, or simply not able to meet our fitness goals.

On the flip side, we also complain that we spend too much time in our cars. Commuting daily can easily seem like a total waste of an hour or two, which means it’s probably an ideal time to get your daily workout. Here are five exercises you can do in your car without losing concentration.

Thigh Squeezes

When you are stuck in traffic it’s easy for your thighs to start cramping, or calves to feel stiff. Kill two birds with one stone by positioning a tennis ball between your knees when stopped at a red light. Squeeze the ball with your thighs, and hold the squeeze for a slow five count, then relax. Start by aiming to complete two sets of fifteen and build up from there.

Bum Clenches

While sitting, try to relax the glute muscles in your bottom. Then, clench them all tightly and hold for 15 seconds. Relax for 15 seconds more, then do another one. Try to do two sets of fifteen, and work up from there.

Core Strengthening

When stopped in traffic, push your hands, palm-upward, against the roof of your car, then push up with your arms and squeeze your abs at the same time.  Hold this for 15 seconds and release. Again go for two sets of fifteen and work up dependent on how long your commute is. To make it really difficult and fully engage the core, lift one, or both legs off the floor at the same time.

Arm presses

Gripe the steering wheel in the 9 and 3 positions, then try to force your hands together for 5 seconds. Relax, and do it again. Go for two sets of fifteen. Then put your hands in the same positions and, while gripping the steering wheel tightly, try to pull your hands away from each other. Hold that for five seconds and relax. Do two sets of fifteen.

Seat push-ups

Place your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel, just as suggested by your driving instructor. Pull yourself toward the steering wheel for five seconds, then push yourself back into your seat for five seconds more. Relax and repeat. Once again you are looking for two sets of 15.

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