Ask the doctor: Circumcision and bleeding gums

Ask the doctor: Circumcision and bleeding gums

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Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe shares advice on reader questions.

Dear doctor, is there a permanent treatment for the saggy skin you get after delivering twins? The skin around my abdomen is hanging and I’m not sure what to do.

It helps to exercise and tone up. This would normally include functional training, weight lifting and abdominal exercises.

A diet high in protein and good fats also helps, cutting down drastically on sugars and carbohydrates. The last resort would be reconstructive surgery.

Dear doctor, what is the youngest a child can be circumcised?

That depends on who is doing the circumcision and where, rather than age of child. A very experienced surgeon can do any age of child. Infants might need to be done in theatre under general anaesthesia.

Visit your doctor and discuss. If doctor is not comfortable doing it on a very small baby they will be able to refer you to the right person.

Dear doctor, I seem to have repeated bleeding gums. I’ve tried most remedies but it’s not stopping. What do I do?

You will need to get a definitive diagnosis of what causes the bleeding. There could be deficiencies that cause it or chronic illnesses.

Do not try any remedies yourself. Allow a doctor to put you on the correct treatment based on the cause.

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