Ask The Doctor: Pregnancy stretch mark prevention

Ask The Doctor: Pregnancy stretch mark prevention

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Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe shares advice on reader questions.

Dear doctor

What does it mean to have a hole in your womb? I’ve heard my aunt talk about this a number of times. Is it even possible?

A hole in your womb? That definitely does not happen naturally. It can happen as a side-effect of a medical procedure. Like a loop, or when they are doing a caesarian section or cleaning your womb and there’s accidental piercing that happens.

Dear Doctor

Is it possible to be slightly overweight and healthy? There are a lot of people on social media who say they are fat and healthy.

Yes, it is possible to be slightly overweight and healthy. Being overweight places one at risk of getting diseases like hypertension and diabetes mellitus but does not definitely confirm that you will get them. Losing the excess weight will help you be healthier though.

Dear Doctor

Does using tissue oil during pregnancy prevent stretch marks?

Some women have reported it helping and some have reported the opposite. The tissue oil adverts do say it works wonders for stretch marks but there is no scientific proof. There is at least no danger in trying it.

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