Sophie Ndaba’s incredible weight-loss transformation

‘I’m in a space where I’m happy, I feel lighter,’ says Sophie about her weight-loss.

Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba is looking a lot different than she did when she first starred as Queen Morake on Generations.

The actress is a lot slimmer these days and she is proud of her weight-loss transformation.

During an interview with Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast team recently, Sophie says that she was “obese” and had to address her weight “very quickly” because it was a “life and death situation”.

“… you can never lose when you’ve lost so much weight, and I’ve really, really worked on it because I just wanted to be a new me, a new everything.

“And I think more importantly, just leading a healthy lifestyle because that’s the highlight of the struggles I had for many, many years. I was obese, and I think in South Africa obesity is not addressed,” ZAlebs quoted her as saying on the show.

Some social media users commented that Sophie looks “too thin” now but Sophie is happy with the new healthier version of herself

“People can look at it from a different perspective and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I think she’s lost too much’. What’s too much for you? If it’s not too much for me, it can’t be too much for you. It’s all about me,” she added.

Sophie did not lose the weight overnight and it has been a gradual process for the star.

Since dropping all those extra kilos, the 46-year-old, who is busy planning her white wedding, says she is in a happy space.

“I’m in a space where I’m happy, I feel lighter. I feel excited even when I go shopping I’m excited. Now it’s a new me, I’m excited, I’m eating healthier, I’m going to start teaching people how to start eating healthier, so this is just the beginning of the beginning.”

Here’s a look at how Sophie has been dressing her “lighter” body

Slim and trim

Sophie’s fans were shocked when she posted this picture on Instagram of herself wearing a one-piece outfit.

“Can we talk about your new body shape. Absolutely gorgeous,” wrote one follower.

Red-carpet queen

Sophie had already lost a lot of weight when she wore this stylish dress to an event in 2017.

#LeKapLifestyleFair ????

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Sophie is not afraid to wear figure-hugging outfits. She wore this sexy dress last year.

Trendy queen

Sophie showed off a bit of skin in this sheer look from 2016.

Durban July Fever still in me. What an awesome weekend!!

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Black queen

They say wearing black is slimming, but Sophie doesn’t need the help!

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