5 affordable ways to practise self-care right now

With the stress of Covid-19, maybe it's time to treat yourself. Picture: iStock

Here are a few pocket-friendly ways to treat yourself to some self-care during the pandemic.

Living in the middle of a pandemic is uncharted territory for many.

It is only natural to feel stressed or anxious due to all the uncertainty, change and fear brought about by such a situation.

What should not be treated as natural, however, is deciding to live with stress and anxiety.

Here are a few pocket friendly ways to treat yourself to some selfcare during the pandemic.

At-home face masks (R50-R150)

A mask over your mouth and nose is not the only mask you should incorporate into your routine, especially since anti-coronavirus face masks have been known to irritate some people’s skin. Add stress/anxiety to that and you might just find yourself facing a breakout.

When choosing a mask, take your specific skincare needs and skin type into account.

You can go for a sheet mask like the ones produced by Skin Republic which are available at Dis-Chem, Clicks, Takealot, Superbalist and theskinrepublic.co.za from about R49.95.

A woman applying a sheet mask | Image: Instagram/ @looklikethis_in

Alternatively, you can try the innumerable variety of clay and peel off masks produced by various brands that are available on the shelves at most grocery stores or pharmacies. These can cost you anywhere between R60 and R150.

New skincare products (R50-R350)

A new lifestyle may mean that you might need some new skincare products as well, but with the countless brands out there, where does one even begin? Well, your local supermarket or pharmacy is a good place to start. Alternatively, there are a number of local brands such as Portia M and SKOON (available at Woolworths) to try.

Cosmetics giant Avon also has a wide variety of products ranges to cater to most needs and concerns. Ranges such as Anew, which recently released a number of toners and serums to adds to one’s daily cleansing and moisturising routines or the family-friendly Avon care which has a little something for every member of your family.

Avon Anew Vitamin C Radiance Maximising Serum Boosters | Image: Instagram

Additionally, buying products from an Avon distributor if you are in the position to do so could help someone who might need the money in light of the financial blow dealt by the pandemic.

Get active (R0)

Physical exercise and movement have been known to help manage stress and anxiety. And they are a great way to relax the body on a long-term basis, depending on what kind of exercise you choose to go for.

Not every bit of physical exercise has to be a high-intensity cardio workout either. You could choose to start with some daily stretches and light yoga, going for a walk or taking a swim – most of which cost little to no money depending on what items you may need.

Gyms are also back in operation should you wish to turn things up a notch and help your fitness journey along.

Get off social media (R0)

Imagine being cooped up in the same room as a bunch of other stressed out people or having to face daily reminders of some of the things you may have lost during the pandemic.

That is what being on social media is like and it affects your mental health. Mental health is every bit as important as physical health and in the event that one needs to manage stress and anxiety, mental health is everything.

Try to schedule as many social media breaks as you can and try maintaining the break for a prolonged period of time. It is also advisable to fill the time you would have spent using social media with other activities to keep your mind busy.

Go to a spa (R250-R550)

If all that still doesn’t work, try taking a trip to the spa for a facial or a full body massage. The Citizen recently visited Placecol day spas to get some advice on how to de-stress in the midst of a pandemic and to find out how business has been since they reopened.

Placecol has a range of treatments and products to cater to whatever your needs may be; such as a vitamin and mineral smoothie facial or an anti-inflammatory de-stress massage.

Sandi Mbele says she loved the pre-massage tranquility ritual followed by a lemongrass, chamomile and eucalyptus oil massage. Each oil contributes to easing pain and inflammation.

“Keep in mind that you will have to try stay awake by every means possible during this hour-long treatment because it’s truly heavenly,” said Mbele.v“My muscles and body were wholeheartedly happy for it, even walking out the spa feeling much lighter and, yes, de-stressed.”

I, on the other hand, enjoyed a facial that left my skin looking significantly better. The accompanying neck and shoulder massage, as well as the foot rub, also worked wonders helping me relax.

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