Hein Kaiser
4 minute read
4 May 2021
3:06 pm

Yes, it’s okay for guys to wear makeup

Hein Kaiser

Men must understand that wearing makeup does not mean you have to wear lashes and eyeshadow.

MAC senior artist for Africa, Marco Louis says that wearing a mask does not have to conceal your beauty. Picture: Supplied

Nearly twelve months of lockdown and we are right back where it all started, autumn. Difference is that this year, albeit still in lockdown, we can head out and shop, celebrate and nine-to-five in near-normality.

Masking up does not have to conceal everyone’s individual beauty and, according to MAC senior artist for Africa, Marco Louis, this means that as far as makeup goes, eyes will continue trending for some time. Here are are the makeup trends, he says, that you cannot miss this season. And that includes men.

“Times are dreary, and more and more people are taking to fashion and makeup as a form of enjoying themselves under the worst possible circumstances,” says Louis, “so it only makes sense that colour takes centre stage.”

From cobalt blue to acid yellows and hot pink, the more vibrant the better.  “The expression is loud and proud, this autumn.”  Think Versace in the 80’s with 90’s refined placement.  “But even though the colours are big, we still respect the wearer and make sure it is perfectly tailored to still reveal natural beauty, that’s the most important of all,” he says.

The easiest way to do this is by starting off with fresh skin. “I always prime the perfect makeup look by decking out my client in fluid foundation for skin that looks ultimately luxe and bespoke.”

The classic look though, never goes out of style. Just being yourself. Particularly when you are in a hurry. Louis says that when applying makeup, one should never try and overcompensate.

“Keep skin fresh, define eyes and brows, layer on your mascara, slick on a crimson lip and call it a day.” The perfect classic look to me is keeping all the details that make you, you.

Bold and on-trend or classic, it is about enjoying yourself. “Fashion and its power have become something most people now understand and enjoy,” says Louis.  “The power that comes with looking great speaks for itself.

So, just like looking after your favourite fashion items, so too, people are looking after their haircare and makeup products.” He says that just like many people mentally index their wardrobes for work, play and homestay, so too should grooming products be wardrobed.

“Having a system makes it easier for you to navigate what you need and keeping track of inventory.  Keep this system as bespoke as possible has other benefits too, it keeps you from overspending as you always know where you are with what you have.”

And gentlemen, beyond using mom’s lipstick on the giant canvas of the family home to create toddler expressionism, the male makeup trend continues to grow.

Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier launched a male war-paint range almost two decades ago and, says Marco Louis, the move toward subtle makeup for men as part of a grooming routine is rapidly gaining momentum.

“We are absolutely still at a place where men enjoy makeup.  And more so now than ever.  If woman can use makeup to enhance what they have then why can’t men do the same thing?”

He adds that men must understand that wearing makeup does not mean you have to wear lashes and eyeshadow.  “Sometimes just a bit of concealer and powder will hide dark circles under your eyes, for example, completely refining how you naturally look.”

Men, he says, should do a makeup experiment at home. “Simply use a toothbrush and brush one of your eyebrows upward.  Look at the difference it makes in your appearance.

This simple hack instantly opens the eye area.” Now imagine what that could look like if you used the right brow products to achieve this, he adds. “In my opinion it is the natural next step in male grooming.  I wish my barber would offer this service after I get a fresh cut and a face steam.”

From international fashion weeks like London, New York, Milan, and Paris, to supporting local and Pan African fashion initiatives.

Marco Louis has worked within the fashion and makeup industry for over 12 years focusing on up-skilling both professional artists on the continent by sharing his knowledge on both international and locally relevant trends and supporting backstage activations across the board.