Ina Opperman
Business Journalist
1 minute read
7 Dec 2020
12:06 pm

Beware of the illegal tax man, warns Sars

Ina Opperman

Everyone is scared of the tax man, but there is now a tax man that you should be scared of even more: the illegal tax man who promises to “do your taxes” and guarantees a refund.

Picture: Moneyweb

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) is warning taxpayers to beware of people who pretend to be tax practitioners or experts promising a definite refund from Sars.

Businesses should also be careful of scammer masquerading as payroll companies offering to help with PAYE submissions.

According to Sars, its lines are flooded with calls from desperate, honest taxpayers who became victims of these criminals and scammers who pocket the refunds. They are often part of syndicates. These fraudulent submissions often cause delays when Sars has to verify the information the scammers submitted to Sars.

People must also remember that those who participate in fraudulent activity to get an illegal refund will also be prosecuted.

Sars says it wants to urge honest citizens who suspect such criminal activity to contact Sars. You can even contact Sars anonymously by calling 0800 00 2870 or completing an online form available on the Sars website at

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