Parenty staff writer
1 minute read
3 Aug 2020
10:15 am

A nurse who contracted Covid-19 during her pregnancy can’t recognise her baby

Parenty staff writer

She went into cardiac arrest and spent four minutes with no oxygen flowing to her brain.

Sylvia LeRoy-Facebook

Sylvia LeRoy, a nurse in the US, contracted Covid-19 when she was 30 weeks pregnant according to Briefly. Her situation soon turned dire when she was placed on ventilator machines.

All of this happened in March.

Soon after being released from the ventilator machines, the 35-year-old nurse went into cardiac arrest. The doctors immediately administered an emergency c-section, and the baby was born small but strong.

Due to oxygen not being sent to her brain for four minutes, Sylvia experienced anoxic brain injury and this resulted in memory loss. She, therefore, cannot even remember that she was pregnant.

Her sister, Shirley, says Sylvia cannot recognise her 3-month-old daughter.

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