1 minute read
3 Mar 2020
1:16 pm

School policy doesn’t allow girls to say no to dance requests from fellow class mates

Mom takes to social media to express outrage at daughter's school's ridiculous policy.

Azlyn Hobson is an 11-year-old middle school student in Utah who recently attended a school dance for Valentine’s Day. Her mom, Alicia, said her daughter was extremely excited to be attending the dance and could not stop talking about it.

So Alicia was very surprised when her daughter came home from the dance and had, what she called “an emotional explosion”.

When her mom inquired, Azlyn shared how she was forced to dance with a boy that makes her feel uncomfortable by the school’s principal.

When the boy asked Azylyn to dance, and she politely declined, the principal Kip Motta said “no, no. You kids go out and dance”. Azylyn did not enjoy that dance and said she was relieved when the song was over.

Her mom took to Facebook to share the story and titled it “No means no”. She confronted this unacceptable school policy, where she was met with unwillingness from the principal. Motta said he will not change the policy and Alicia can keep Azylyn from school dances if she does not like it.

She ended her update with: Do better Rich Middle School.

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