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3 Mar 2020
12:00 pm

Child of mommy blogger is fed up of her mother posting pics of her

Parenty staff

Should you be profiting off your child's photos and videos?

Image: iStock.

A teenage user on Reddit raised her concerns about her mother who is a blogger who has posted pictures of her and siblings since they were kids: “I am a teenager and my mom is kinda famous on Instagram and blogging. She had a mommy blog all when i was growing up and of course me and my sister were always involved.  It sucks because there’s so much out there about us, and its whats gonna come up when anyone looks up my name.”

The user then went on to explain how they have protested this practice by printing hoodies stating, “No photos” “no videos” “No means no” “Respect my privacy” and “No profiting off my image”.

“It sounds silly, but it looks pretty sick  actually. I got one for me and one for my nine year old sister who’s started to not always want photos,” the teen shares. They then pose the question of whether they are being an asshole for doing this. “I am just so fed up and upset that my mom is mad at me for wearing my new hoodie everyday. She’s mad I wont take it off for any event. I know it’s really weird looking but it feels like my only option.”

Five things to consider before sharing your children’s pics online

Consider your child’s safety

When you share something about your child online, you don’t have full control over who has access to that information or how they’ll use it. Anything you share online has the potential to be viewed by anyone anywhere in the world,

Implications for your child’s digital legacy

Another important consideration for parents is their child’s digital footprint. Parents may be posting for years, shaping their child’s digital reputation, before their child fully grasps the concept of online sharing and how to construct their own identities publicly.

They have the right to choose

As soon as your children are old enough — around 5 or 6 — engage them in conversations about what you share, and as they get older, give them veto power over what information is shared

Share in a safe and smart way

Take a look at the privacy policies on the social media platforms you use.make sure you’re not always sharing your exact location, which could be your home address.


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