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11 Dec 2019
10:29 am

The best YouTube channels for your kids to watch

Parenty writer

You can even join your kids in watching.

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world. Picture: iStock

We look at some of our favourite YouTube channels for children that parents can enjoy as well.

Mother Goose Club

Directed towards pre-schoolers, this channel is sure to excite young little minds. The channel features a cast of six recurring live-action characters that introduce preschool themes through nursery rhymes and original songs. The characters are entertaining and charming and will have you singing along at the top of your lungs to your favourite nursery rhymes that you grew up with.

National Geographic Kids

Ever wondered how many words are in the English language, or how often meteorites the size of basketballs land on earth? This YouTube channel will be able to tell you these answers. The channel is filled with funky videos, which have been professionally produced with interesting trivia facts, animals, and science topics. There are short minute-long videos which you and your child can take in and digest easily as well as longer more in-depth videos which delve deeper into these awesome topics.

Ryan’s World

Sometimes you just need to get advice from an expert, even if that expert is only eight years old! Ryan’s World is a channel hosted by Ryan Kaji, and began in 2015 with the host reviewing different toys and giving his expert opinion. The channel has evolved to include other fun activities like pretend play, science experiments, music videos, arts and craft, and more. Ryan is friendly, cute and has an innocence about him, which makes him a host that your children can relate too. No wonder in 2008 he was listed as the highest-earning YouTuber!

Cartooning Club How To Draw

This channel is perfect for children who are budding artists. It’s a simple, straight-forward concept where the host takes you through a step-by-step or line-by-line guide on how to draw different cartoon objects, from a simple game controller, to an elaborate Spiderman. Drawing plays a huge role in young children’s development and can help them think creatively and develop hand-eye coordination, and of course, you’ll be able to decorate your bedroom wall with all the cool art that you draw.

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