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5 Aug 2019
12:00 pm

The Great Equalizer Podcast – Tantrums

Parenty Staff Writer

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam’s about to get fit AF, Charlene is captain of her ship and we talk temper tantrums. PLUS! We welcome back children's counsellor Phillippa Morassi.

Now, we all know that it’s age-appropriate for toddlers to lose their shit. Maybe you gave them the wrong coloured sippy cup, maybe they can’t find the yellow teddy bear they don’t actually own, maybe they want the sandwich they rejected ten seconds before crying about wanting the sandwich, maybe they don’t want you to look at them. Or breathe.

Yes, tantrums are developmental and ‘this too shall pass’ but, firstly, what do you do when you can see the tantrum on the horizon? What do you do to prevent it from turning into a full-on meltdown? How do you know when the run-of-the-mill tantrum has crossed the line into Satan’s territory? How do you know when it’s time to get help from a professional?

All this and more on this episode of The Great Equalizer.

Listen here:

The Great Equalizer is hosted by local Joburg moms, Sam Herbst and Charlene Armstrong, who believe that all parents are rocking the same kind of crazy. It doesn’t matter who you were pre-kid, what colour skin you’re in, how rich or poor you are, or whether you’re gay or straight… If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to smell your kid’s butt in public and you can probably identify with fantasising about killing your sleeping partner during a 03:00 am wakeup call.












Here at The Great Equalizer we laugh, bitch and cry about the ups and downs of our current upside-down. There’s just one rule (and it’s non-negotiable)… absolutely NO JUDGIES. Okay? Okay.

*And because your hosts don’t know what the frack they’re doing 99% of the time, we touch base with experts who do. So, hey, you may just learn something too 😉

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