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15 Feb 2021
9:24 am

Are Lebo and Mbali still together? #DateMyFamily

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Aspiring model and TV presenter, Lebo, chose Mbali after her family represented her well.

'Date My Family' bachelor Lebo. Picture: Supplied

On the latest episode of Date My Family (DMF) on Sunday, bachelor Lebohang and his chosen suitor Mbali warmed the hearts of many viewers.

The popular dating show helps singletons find love by sending them on dates with their potential partner’s family.

Lebo, a 28-year-old digital manager, spilled the tea on his episode.

The bachelor was looking for a supportive partner, describing himself as an affectionate, loyal, patient and understanding better half.

Being single for about a year, he chose the unconventional route and as a helpless romantic and fan of the show, it made sense to go on.

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“I felt like I needed to do something different if I am going to look for a partner or try to be in a relationship because clearly the way I was going about it wasn’t working…To be hooked up instead of searching.”

During his search for love on DMF, Lebo said he was looking for complete honesty and transparency in the representative’s suitors. He added that he wasn’t going there to meet “boring” people – they had to be fun and lighthearted.

With a lot of love to give, the aspiring model and TV presenter chose Mbali after her family truly represented her well, especially the fabulous friend Bomba.

Is he still with the chosen lady, Mbali?

“We did meet up after shooting because the chemistry was undeniable…She’s a wonderful girl, great personality, great body, skin but as far as us being an item currently we are not.” He explained the main reason for this was distance and them both being very focused on their careers.

“What’s mind blogging about this whole thing [is] she wasn’t supposed to be on the show when I was supposed to be on. Did we really meet by coincidence? Because we both were reluctant to be on the show, I should have been on the show earlier but for certain reasons, I couldn’t do it at that time. I got a call again to do the show and decide to just do it.”

After his stint on reality TV, Lebo says he learnt he has a knack for taking risks and is comfortable around meeting new people.

“I don’t think we stress enough with having fun, whether you looking for love, working, whatever you are doing just remember to have fun with it…just give love a chance.”

Lebo is still open to finding love.

“Since I am still single if there are any ladies out there that saw the episode and liked what they saw just DM (direct message) me.”

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