Muselo Abagwe
1 minute read
18 Aug 2014
6:00 am

Movie review: Between Friends

Muselo Abagwe

This is a South African attempt to offer TV audiences who seldom venture away from the small screen a romantic sex comedy, similar to Think Like A Man and The Best Man Holiday.

LOCAL SLANT. Lihle Dhlomo stars in Between Friends. Picture: Supplied

It rather clumsily tries to inject a South African flavour into a worn-out Hollywood recipe – and while its intended audience may enjoy parts of the film, the piece doesn’t entertain throughout. The formula is laid on too thick over the proceedings, resulting in an uneasy mix of Americanisms, soap opera twists and South African locations.

The film tells the story of a group of friends who get together at a luxury KwaZulu-Natal game lodge. Remembering their chequered pasts, the group tries to make sense out of their lives. The men aren’t quite ready to accept responsibility or commit themselves, while the women function on a different emotional level.

Throw a ridiculous and unconvincing American character into the mix and you get a product that is neither a romantic comedy, nor a comic investigation into love and relationships. It is simply a rehash of traditional romcom clichés.

The acting is unconvincing and the dialogue too glib to persuade audiences to identify with real people talking – while the story is as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, but not as pleasant or heart-warming.

The film has been made for audiences who want to have an evening out without putting too much stress on the brain cells – and also not venturing too far out of their soap opera comfort zones.