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25 Sep 2017
7:57 am

Nandi finds Jack bloodied and lifeless on the floor this week on ‘Generations’

Citizen reporter

Watch 'Generations' this week as the drama unfolds.

'Generations: The Legacy' family

Monday September 25

Jack’s secrets are causing major tension in his family. Tau is not happy about what he sees at a restaurant. Mazwi tries too hard and ends up ruining things.

Tuesday September 26

Zach finds out about James’ well-kept secret. Wandile tries to listen in on a meeting. Things get tense when Nolwazi asks broke Getty for rent money.

Wednesday September 27

Cosmo isn’t happy to hear what Gadaffi wants him to do. Zitha is nervous about admitting she’s a JMEC shareholder. AK plays his trump card.

Thursday September 28

Mpho is being influenced by the wrong man in the wrong way. Molefe’s revelation leaves the Mabasos reeling. An unexpected kiss catches both parties by surprise.

Friday September 29

Fana’s warning about not acting hastily falls on deaf ears. Nandi is horrified to find Jack bloodied and lifeless on the floor. Getty and Mrekza come to blows.