Citizen reporter
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27 Nov 2015
10:42 am

VIDEO: ‘Messenger of God’ raps for AKA

Citizen reporter

This week AKA encountered another rapper.

Considering the huge amount of talent South Africa has when it comes to music, the spotlight is often not light enough for all aspiring musicians.

Thus some go to their graves without showcasing their skills to the world. In the olden days, underground musicians would submit demos of their music to record labels, most of which would head for the special filing system of “the rubbish bin”.

The advent of social media, however, made it easier for everyone, even those who can’t sing, to showcase their skills. It has also made it easier for artists who often get approached by those aspiring for their spotlight to simply tweet their music instead of listening to all the sometimes whack content out there.

This week AKA encountered another rapper. But this time it was different – the rapper didn’t have a tangible demo as is often the case, but chose to rap for AKA live instead. After recording the craft, AKA posted it on Instagram for his followers to judge. Listen to the craft below:

This guy said he wanted to show me he could rap. So he rapped. #Tom&Jerry #NewtownStuff 🌊🌊🌊🌊

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