Sandisiwe Mbhele
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8 Dec 2020
1:22 pm

Manifest your dreams with ‘Imali Eningi’ by Big Zulu

Sandisiwe Mbhele

The song is rising in many charts and has reached over one million views on YouTube.

Rapper Big Zulu. Picture: Instagram.

What probably will be the biggest song coming out this summer is Big Zulu’s smash hit Imali Eningi featuring Riky Rik and Intaba Yase Dubai.

The song gained attraction after Duduzane Zuma did his now infamous walk out of a lift, surrounded by bodyguards, with Imali Eningi as the soundtrack. The walk has been replicated several times since.

With the #DuduzaneChallenge going viral, so did the song, particularly after the video was shared by rumoured flame Thuli Phongolo.

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For this reason, the song is rising in many charts and has reached over one million views on YouTube.

The message behind it is gaining the most attention.

The chorus by Yase Dubai he sings: “Ngifisa ukuba nemali eningi, wallet yam iqumbe, khanda lami lidume, Nnisa funa ukudl’inyama eningi ngike ngikhohlwe amadumbe, “I-menu bo?” Bangibuz.”

Translated: “I wish to have a lot of money, so that my wallet bulges, so that my head gets swollen (a big head with the amount of pride I have).

“I still want to eat a lot of meat. I won’t forget amadumbe [a type of potato] that he will pick on the menu when they ask me.”

Big Zulu’s verse: “Shuni’wenkabil Siyidlen lemali Big Zulu unenkani, ubomsab’ungamazi, somatekisi onemali, khohlwa nje mfana ungayiqali, noma engak’thuka ungamnaki, phеthe loshun weyinkabi vel’uxolisе ungaxwayi. Ngene hostela nge-stroke 6, sik’uphiko ngipipize, kuhlanya iyngane bayimise khiphi’sandla basikhise, bathi zulu awphuume sikuthinte usuyasicheza awehlike, bhek’umswenko ngipakishile, shiy’intombi zikikiza “

Translated: “You should be scared of him even though you don’t know him, if you don’t smoke don’t start nothing, even if they insult you don’t respond, they not worth it. Pulling at the hostel with a ‘stroke-6’ whip [car] and he starts hooting when he is in the zone and the girls go crazy.

“He takes his hand out of the window and they kiss it and they beg him to get out of the whip so they can touch him gently and they want to compliment his style.”

Listeners are calling it the song for the manifestation of your dreams, your goals and riches.


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