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22 Dec 2013
11:11 am

Prime Circle celebrates 13 years in the industry

South African rock band Prime Circle have been around for 13 years and celebrated their birthday at Scarlet Ribbon in Joburg on Saturday night. The band has had their share of ups and downs in the industry.

Prime Circle. Image courtesy of Facebook.com/PrimeCircle

They reflected on their journey and highlights which included meeting Nelson Mandela.

Lead singer of the band, Ross Learmonth, told Saturday Star what the 13 years have been like for the band.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs, but fortunately more ups than downs. We are blessed to have been a band for this long but the cool thing is that we feel like we are just getting started.”

The members of Prime Circle had the chance to meet Nelson Mandela and it meant a great deal to the band.

“He means a great deal to us and we were very fortunate to have met him. He had a wonderful nature and a great energy about him. He was patient with a grace and forgiveness like no other.” He explains

They have won several awards and are one of the most successful bands in South Africa and there is no end in sight.

“We have always loved to tour and play and we love being on the road – this helps us reach our fans directly.” Learmonth says

The band has evolved over the years and Learmonth explains: “This has been a musical journey for us. We always strive to become better musicians. Our sound has evolved and in some instances has become darker, but it is a fuller sound that allows us to reach the European market.”

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