Sandisiwe Mbhele
Lifestyle Journalist
2 minute read
27 May 2021
3:31 pm

Which Simba chip is going to get the chop?

Sandisiwe Mbhele

Simba has asked consumers to vote for the flavour they want to save between salt and vinegar, cheese & onion and tomato sauce.

Simba's 'Save Your Flavour' campaign. Picture: Screengrab, Twiiter @SimbaChipsSA

Salt and vinegar fans this is your time to speak up and make your voices heard. Simba is giving potato chip lovers a chance to vote for a flavour to survive the big chop.

Simba has asked its customers to choose between three flavours. One must stay from either cheese and onion, tomato sauce or salt and vinegar.  The #SaveYourFlava campaign has been running since late April, with even a TV advert and social media polls to get as much social engagement as possible.

The decision about which flavour will be saved will also take into account how many sales each flavour makes.

Just from the social media posts, there is a theme that many people want salt and vinegar to stay, with cheese and onion coming in a close second. In February, Lays South Africa brought back the flavour after much dismay when it was dropped.

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Votes on Simba’s campaign differs. Counting on social media platforms are not the same. On its Facebook page, people need to follow the instructions for their vote to count.

Clicking Like on the post, means your vote is part of the Salt & Vinegar tribe. Clicking Love,  you’re on the Cheese & Onion tribe and clicking Care you’re part of the Tomato Sauce tribe.