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4 Mar 2021
11:42 am

EXCELLENT! Elon Musk’s mom shares his A+ uni results

Sandi Mbhele

Maye Musk shared a screenshot of Elon's first-year results at the University of Pretoria for a computer aptitude test when he was just 17.

Tesla founder Elon Musk, who has made premature predictions about the advent of completely autonomous cars before, offered the updated timetable in a pre-recorded message to a Shanghai tech fair. AFP/File/Tobias SCHWARZ

One proud mum– billionaire Elon Musk’s mother is sharing her pride in her son’s very successful career and how it all started with good grades.

Maye Musk shared a screenshot of Elon’s first-year results at the University of Pretoria for a computer aptitude test when he was just 17.

The South African born, Pretoria native extraordinaire created a multi-billionaire dollar car empire in Telsa.  Elon was a UP student for just five months before moving to Canada to live with his mother.

You would think this proud moment from a Mrs Musk would be viewed in a positive light but Twitter users a little more grumpy as usual.

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Named the wealthiest person in the world earlier this year, having more than 41 million followers on Twitter and a fortune now estimated at more than $180 billion. Musk relocated to Texas after moving out of tech hub Silicon Valley.

Musk surpassed Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos as the world’s wealthiest person. His realisation of this, he said: “How strange, well, back to work…”

Musk has not only mastered car manufacturing and technology, he knows a thing or two about stocks. An expert at disrupting corporate norms as well as economic structures, he invested $1.5 billion in the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which saw the stock rise to a record-high of $48,215.82.

The carmaker announced that the billion-dollar investment in digital money is the plan to accept the cryptocurrency from customers buying its electric vehicles.

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