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26 Feb 2021
1:11 pm

VIDEO: How to pronounce Gqeberha, Qonce and Nqanqarhu by The Kiffness and others

'If I can get the clicks, I promise you, anyone can,' said The Kiffness (aka David Scott) as he shared his how-to video.

Picture: Facebook

Since finding out about all the new Xhosa names for popular areas in the Eastern Cape, many have been concerned about how to pronounce them.

Thanks to the internet, that concern was short-lived.

The Citizen recently hit the streets on your behalf to find out how to pronounce all the new names. Check out the video above.

Comedian The Kiffness (David Scott) also created a video tutorial to the tune of Miriam Makeba’s iconic ‘Qongqothwane,’ popularly known as ‘The Click Song.’

“If I can get the clicks, I promise you, anyone can,” said Scott.

In a statement issued on Thursday, 25 February, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthetwa announced the name changes in the Eastern Cape and said the transformation of the naming landscape in South Africa was “a critical component of the heritage landscape as a whole.”

“There was a need for the name changes as this is part of a government programme to transform South Africa’s heritage landscape. The names of places we live in reflect the identity and cultural heritage of the people of South Africa,” he said. He added that more name changes were on the way.

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