Lily Rose
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19 Sep 2019
1:09 pm

Fans slam Riky Rick for meeting ‘racist’ Tommy Hilfiger

Lily Rose

He described Tommy as an 'icon'.

Riky Rick. Photo: File

Riky Rick is one of a few male rappers who take fashion seriously. So, it comes as no surprise that the Boss Zonke hitmaker was excited to meet famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger.

Riky shared a picture of himself shaking the American designer’s hand during a recent trip to Italy.

He described Tommy as an “icon” and said the meeting was a full-circle moment as he could not afford to buy the designer’s clothing in the past.

“In 1998, we moved to Austria with my mother. The new school my brothers and I went to didn’t require uniforms so naturally, our friends introduced us to new styles and brands that included a label by this man named @tommyhilfiger.”

Riky explained that his mother could not afford to buy the children Tommy Hilfiger jeans, so they had to forget about fashion labels.

“Ever since then, the feeling of not being able to wear what I like has never left me… Fast forward 21 years. I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world, make friends and express myself through clothes BUT meeting this man and telling him the story of how his brand was the reason I FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MPAHLAS.

“Thank you malume @tommyhilfiger for giving me time and bringing me out for your show, you are much appreciated. ICON.”

While social media users were excited about his full-circle moment, many pointed out – incorrectly we might add – that Tommy Hilfiger is a racist.

The designer was accused of being a racist in 1996 after it was claimed that he said he did not want black people to wear his clothes.

He allegedly made the comments during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The rumours turned out to be fake, and Tommy himself debunked the claims, saying not only did he not make the racial comments but he had not been on the Oprah Winfrey show either when the hoax surfaced.

But some South African Twitter users did not get the memo.

They slammed Riky Rick for associating with “racist” Tommy Hilfiger.

Some Twitter users shared a video of Tommy discussing the hoax on The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Wendy Williams Show.

Originally appeared on All4Women.

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