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1 Mar 2019
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Why Trevor refused to dance with Usher at Bey and Jay-Z’s party as Black Coffee played

Citizen reporter

Unlike Noah, Black Coffee did not chicken out and has shared pictures to prove it.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

Daily Show host Trevor Noah has shared his experience at his first Oscars attendance and the exclusive after-parties he attended.

While there were many after-parties, according to Trevor, the Beyonce and Jay-Z one took the trophy, though he also had the weirdest moment of his life – probably.

“It’s the coolest thing ever – no phones, no social media, just people having a great time. But again it’s weird because you cannot get used to it, there are moments when you go like: ‘This is surreal’.”

Trevor chickened out at the dance floor after Usher asked to join in. He said he could not dance with Usher, who is a professional dancer, when he was only there to just “move his body”.

DJ Black Coffee was playing at the party, and has since taken to social media to make fun of Trevor for refusing to dance with Usher.

Trevor said: “One moment I’m on the dance floor dancing and dancing, DJ Black Coffee was there and he was on the [decks], so I’m dancing and I’m like yeah, South Africans, and then Usher comes to the dance floor and he’s like ‘let’s dance’, and I’m like ‘No! No! No Usher! You’re like a professional.

‘There should be like a professional dance floor for the rest of us. The rest of us are, like, making our bodies move, and Usher is dancing. What’s next? Karaoke with Beyonce? No! It’s not fair.'”

Trevor said his second weird moment was when he tried to get out of Beyonce’s way, when she was actually coming to greet him.

“I was on the dance floor and Beyonce starts walking in my direction, So I’m like, ‘Oh, I should move, because it’s Beyonce. Where she is going, is not to me, and I must move because it’s Beyonce and I don’t want the BeyHive coming after me saying I blocked Beyonce’s path.’

“So I turned to move out of the way but it turned out she was coming to say hi to me, but I was moving away from her and she was coming, trying to hug me and say hi. If it never happens again, I’m fine,” he said.

Black Coffee shared pictures of the party on social media, and poked fun at Noah.

He said Trevor had made the right decision because Usher was a “beast”.


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Unlike @trevornoah I wasn’t afraid to dance.????

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