Debbie Harrower
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15 Nov 2017
10:14 am

5 Things you might not know about DJ Zinhle

Debbie Harrower

The haters can do and say what they want – it’s falling on deaf ears.

DJ Zinhle. Image via Instagram.

We think DJ Zinhle is a woman who’s got it all going on and then some! It’s not for no reason that she won ‘Woman of the Year’ last year – never mind all of the other awards she’s collected during her career.  DJ Zinhle is gorgeous, talented, a doting mommy and is one of the best female DJs. Yet, despite her fame and success, one can almost see a humbleness in her eyes … a sincere gratitude for all that she has. I don’t think she has an overly inflated ego – unlike a few of our other celebs. Sjoe! 

She’s mentioned in the past that she’s been mocked, from a young age, about her broad shoulders. Well, DJ Zinhle may have them literally but you know what ‘they say’ … when someone has ‘broad shoulders’ (figuratively) it means they are strong, able to handle and cope with a lot and take criticism well.

  1. DJ Zinhle’s full name, given by her father, is Ntombezinhle and it means ‘beautiful girls’.
  2. She grew up in KZN and her family clearly loved dogs – they had 11!.
  3. Suffers from ‘Globophobia’ – a fear of balloons. Just the smell of them can cause her to have a panic attack.
  4. She looked up to Michael Jackson and even cried when he passed away.
  5. She sees ‘DJ Zinhle’ as her more confident alter ego

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