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3 Oct 2017
10:48 am

God will never let us down, says AKA after ‘cocaine’ scandal

Citizen reporter

Fresh from a cheating scandal, AKA says whoever is trying to ruin his reputation must just keep at it, as they won't succeed.

Picture: Twitter

Another scandal seems to have rocked AKA’s camp after pictures of him and girlfriend Bonang Matheba dancing with what looks like white powder on the table emerged.

The Supa Mega has, however, not taken the accusation lying down. In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, AKA said the photos were photoshopped by people who were hellbent on destroying him and his girlfriend.

Bonang has not commented on the photos.

In the “photoshopped” photos, AKA and Bonang are seen dancing, separated by a table with bottles of different drinks. On the one side, three lines of what looks like white powder can also be seen on the same table. The apparent powder left many wondering if it was drugs.

There are, however, those who say the white lines are just blurred rows of remote control buttons.

AKA saw the photos and asked why people felt the need to photoshop pictures.

“Y’all photoshopping now too? Man. This shit is wild. Aight then.

“Whoever or whatever it is trying to destroy our reputations. Keep at it. God got us. Clearly the Devil got you. Let’s see who wins,” he wrote.

He said whoever was working hard to destroy him should keep doing it, as they would never beat love and positivity.

The Supa Mega said it was now becoming “too obvious” that there was someone who was targeting him and his girlfriend, saying it had been going on behind the scenes for too long.

“Every week for the past two months or so there’s been a new story … this shit getting too obvious now and people starting to see it,” he said.

The Supa Mega does not seem to be willing to take any legal action against these people who are apparently trying to tarnish his image.

“We are God fearing. spiritual people … God will never let us down, so give it your best,” he said.

He later, however, deleted all these tweets.

Though some of his followers supported him, some criticised him for apparently using God’s name “in vain”.

“It’s funny how clowns would use the Bible only when it suits them….just saying nje…that’s low clown…keep your musk on,” said one, while another used AKA’s verse in one of his songs to criticise him.

“What happened to ‘You always talk about God I’ll show you Hell?’,” they asked.

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