Citizen Reporter
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25 Sep 2017
11:18 am

Bonang ‘exposed’ for offering then failing to help student with varsity fees

Citizen Reporter

Queen B has found herself at the top of the Twitter trending list for apparently failing to follow through on a promise to help pay for a student's varsity fees.

Bonang Matheba.

Seven months ago a student tweeted about how she lost an opportunity to go to China and work because she was owing a large amount on her varsity fee account and could not get her degree.

Bonang responded to the tweet, offering to help the woman. Bonang then sent the student a series of messages, asking for her contact details and telling her that her office would get in contact to discuss settling the account.

However, after Bonang heard that the amount was R56,000 she apparently unfollowed the girl and stopped responding to her messages, effectively cutting her off from being able to communicate with her on Twitter.

The student, whose tweets under the name Amber_Run sent out a string of tweets today, telling her side of the story, and explaining she was left stranded by the media personality and business woman.

After tweeting about her experience, Bonang started trending on Twitter with many weighing in on the matter.

Some found tweets that Amber_Run had tweeted about AKA cheating on DJ Zinhle and attributed this to why Bonang ignored her and stopped communicating with her.

Bonang is yet to respond to the tweets or comments.