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25 Aug 2017
12:52 pm

Simphiwe is not pregnant, says Dumi Masilela’s family

Citizen reporter

Reports have claimed the 27-year-old widow was pregnant when her husband died earlier this month.

Dumi Masilela and Simphiwe Ngema. Picture: Instagram

A fake news report claimed Simphiwe had been 10-weeks pregnant when her husband died.

The report claimed: “The widow of Dumi Masilela is overwhelmed with emotions in the events in her life right now. Last week, she attended her husband’s memorial service at Kempton Park and she couldn’t stop crying. She was seeing (sic) crying and forcing a smile every time a memory of her husband was shared. She braved through the service, but collapsed at the end. She was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where tests were run and she was told she’s 10 weeks pregnant.”

However, Dumi’s brother, Mbongeni Masilela, slammed the reports, saying they were “ridiculous”.

“I don’t want to respond to nonsense said about Dumi. It is ridiculous and not at all true. It is outrageous. If it was true we would know about it, and we know nothing.

“We don’t pay attention to what is being said about Dumi on social media, especially when they are rumours. We don’t speak in rumours, we knew Dumi, and we know what it true and what is not,” he was quoted as saying by The Sowetan.

The Rhythm City actor died following a hijacking earlier this month in Tembisa. Masilela spent a night fighting for his life in hospital after being shot during an attempted hijacking and died the following day.

Masilela was with his friend when they were approached by a Jeep driven by thugs who attempted to hijack them.

When they drove off, the occupants of the Jeep shot at the Golf 7, leading to Masilela getting shot. He managed to drive off, but the friend took over, and took him to the hospital, where he was reported dead the following morning.

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