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30 May 2017
5:27 pm

SA Music Awards boss puts Babes in her place

Citizen Reporter

They have told the 'Wololo' hit maker they can't help it if her album wasn't good enough, or popular enough.

Babes Wodumo. Picture: Instagram

The South African Music Awards (Samas) organisers have responded to Babes Wodumo’s social media outbursts about not winning an award this year.

The organisers have explained the nominations were judged on her entire album and not just one song.

The CEO of the Recording Industry of South Africa, Nhlanhla Sibisi, explained that although ‘Wololo’ was the most popular song last year, the hit single alone was not enough to score Babes an award.

“The Samas have always evaluated the entire album of an artist to judge their entire body of work,” he told TshisaLive.

“Wololo was the biggest song in the country. It was in the top 10 of the all charts we consulted for our nominations shortlists and was massively popular‚ but the Samas is not a popularity contest.”

Furthermore, he explained that the Record of the Year award was not chosen by a panel of judges, but by the public.

“The judges have no say in deciding who wins Record of the Year. It is decided entirely by popular vote. It is the artist who encourages fans to vote for their song who wins the award. We also find that those with the biggest and most loyal following often win this award‚” Sibisi explained.

In closing, Sibisi told TshisaLive he was extremely happy with how the Samas had gone. He was aware of the comments on social media comments suggesting foul play, but he assured viewers and artists the awards were fair.