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17 Mar 2014
12:14 pm

Hlomla Dandala lashes out over ‘bad dad’ claims

Citizen Reporter

Hlomla Dandala has taken to his blog and social media to vent his anger over recent accusations that he is an 'absent father'.

Hlomla Dandala posted this picture of a day out with his kids on his blog

The South African actor, best known for his role as Jacob Makhubu in Jacob’s Cross, was reacting to a Sunday World article about his ex-wife Candy Litchfield taking him to court over unpaid maintenance. The newspaper claimed Dandala was seven months behind.

Dandala, a father of five who has created a blog dedicated to the topic of raising his children, wasted no time taking to twitter to deny the ‘bad dad’ claims, venting his frustration:




Dandala has a blog about raising his five children, which he explains he created because “I do believe that if there’s going to be such strong disapproval of men who are absent, it would be remiss to not take time to celebrate those fathers who are present.”

In a post last year he described his pain and unhappiness about receiving the summons.

“It sits like an elephant in the bedroom. A finger of accusation saying what I have been contributing is regarded as not enough. Each time my eye lands on it, a vial of toxic bile drips from my throat onto my heart and threatens to choke me in a sea of rage.

Before I continue, let me rattle off some facts. I vowed to myself that whatever happens between me and the mothers has nothing to do with my responsibilities to my children. I have no love for men who don’t take care of their children; financially or otherwise. It’s cowardly and dead-beat behaviour. But equally; I have no love for mothers who will use money, especially child-maintenance, as the battleground for venting their hurt. The courts will decide the rest.”