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20 Feb 2017
11:43 am

Is Kasi Mlungu blacker than you?

Citizen reporter

Ronge has taken a 'kasi competency quiz' to test her knowledge of the township.

Picture: Twitter.

Anita Ronge, popularly known as Kasi Mlungu or DJ DuchAz, has drawn flak from some who have accused her of “cultural appropriation” and cashing in on black culture.

The House DJ, who has been in the industry for years now, landed herself on the Twitter trends list after a few tweets and interviews in which she said she was proud of being a ‘kasi mlungu’ and denying she was benefiting from white privilege.

Her comments received criticism from some who told her to be relevant without the “cultural appropriation and racist gimmicks for publicity”.

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Following the backlash, City Press gave her a ‘kasi competency quiz’ to test her knowledge of the black lifestyle she has claimed to be a part of, and she scored eight out of 11.

What she got right:

  • Black families eat seven colours for lunch on Sundays.
  • The most popular township cigarette brand is Peter Stuyvesant.
  • If she’s driving home alone and sees a drunk man on the pavement, she would drive by.
  • If a guy walks up to her and says “skyf” without even greeting, she would help him. “That’s how it goes in ekasi,” she said.
  • If a known man in the area shows up picks up her ingudu and starts drinking it, she would let him continue until he quenches his thirst. “He will probably buy the next round,” she told the publication.
  • If a sick elder next door dies on the eve of her event, she would cancel it.
  • Directions given in English by a township resident are always funny.
  • After realising she bought an expired item, she would try to explain to the shop owner and if they don’t get it, she would let it go as that always ends up in an argument.

What she got wrong:

  • The most liked modern hairstyle among boys in Tembisa is a chiskop. She said the blonde hairstyle.
  • She would pull out her phone from her pocket and answer it if it rang at night in the township. Brave, but wrong.
  • She did not know what a “stop nonsense” is.

The matter of the “stop nonsense”, though, has created further controversy, because Ronge says it is a concrete wall around a kasi house, while City Press reckons it’s a palisade fence.

Many are saying she got that one right, which raises the rather uncomfortable possibility that Kasi Mlungu may well be blacker than City Press! Lol.