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26 Dec 2016
5:20 pm

Twitter trolls AKA for ‘failing’ to propose to Bonang 

Citizen reporter

According to his followers, AKA has not proposed to Bonang because her uncles are Cassper's fans.

AKA and Bonang. Picture: Twitter

Kiernan ‘AKA’ forbes and Bonang Matheba are the most talked-about couple on the Twitter streets and this “weird obsession” is starting to get on the One Time hit maker’s nerves.

On Monday afternoon, the hashtag #AKAProposanga trended after one user said AKA had failed to read between the lines after Bonang apparently dropped all the hints that she wanted him to propose to her.

According to Twitter users, Bonang sending fans a Christmas message dressed in a white dress was just her way of sending a hint to her boyfriend that she was in need of the ring.

@JustKholii_, the user who started the trend, said he was only trying to “help” Bonang get the ring from her boyfriend who was “playing” and seemed to be prioritising his Supa Mega Show instead of putting a ring on it.

SuperMega show appears more than B on that instagram profile.. where did the respect go for black women,” he said.

In fact, he said every time AKA walked past Bonang for whatever reason, she probably thought he was about to propose to her.

However, the discussion about his relationship with the Queen B is starting to rub AKA up the wrong way. He responded to the trend and said the obsession with his relationship was getting weird.

His followers were having none of it; they said he was a public figure and should know that being talked about comes with the territory. In fact, he asked for it the day he decided to talk about his relationship in the public space.

Some said they were not buying his “act” as he was apparently getting the attention he got from his followers.

“I mean like c’mon man you’re both celebrities, some of us look up to you, what did you expect,” asked one of his followers.

These are some of the things people said about their relationship: