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15 Dec 2016
11:25 am

Cassper’s brand-new Bentley vandalised

Citizen reporter

'Ai people are evil guys. Kore the times we live in. I don't know what to say but it's scary.'

Cassper Nyovest. Image: Facebook

This probably will go down as the worst week for rapper Refiloe ‘Cassper Nyovest’ Phoolo. In a series of tweets, Cassper posted about a hater who vandalised his brand-new Bentley on Wednesday night.

He said he was in the club celebrating the awards he won at the South African Hip Hop Awards last night when someone called him, saying they found someone keying his car.

“I’m in the club celebrating hard work and someone calls me saying they found someone keying my brand new car. Mara why do have to do this?”

A commotion followed the incident, but eventually, security guards let the culprit go, something Cassper was not happy about. He said the sad part was that now the culprit was out there laughing at his situation.

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“Ai people are evil guys. Kore the times we live in. I don’t know what to say but it’s scary.”

He opened a case against the culprit and hopes justice will prevail this time around, as police have failed to help him in the past.

“When I think about how many times I’ve come to the police station to report a crime and nothing ever happens. Had a gun to my face first,” he said.

All he is asking for is to be remunerated for his hard work.

He said he was upset about the incident, as he had worked hard this year to stay out of trouble.

He recently shared with his fans that he would not be posting pictures of his cars and jewellery, as it bred envy. He was responding to fans who were complaining about him not sharing pictures and videos of his new Bentley like he used to.

He told fans he would show the car to those who would join him at Taboo club to celebrate his birthday. We guess that won’t be happening anymore.

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