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15 Dec 2016
10:20 am

Twitter slams Pearl Thusi’s ‘ignorant’ comment about Aids

Citizen reporter

Thusi said she didn't care how her tweets were interpreted. In fact, she said she was humbled that her opinion mattered to people.

Pearl Thusi. Photo: Gallo Images / Frennie Sivambu

Actor and model Pearl Thusi has found herself on the wrong side of the Twitterverse after responding to Boitumelo Thulo’s question on monogamy.

Taking to Twitter recently, Boity asked what if monogamy was unnatural, a question that grabbed Thusi’s attention. “Then Aids will also be a natural part of life,” she responded, a comment that left Boity’s followers unimpressed.

“You went to America, and suddenly acquired their ignorance,” said one follower. Most slammed Thusi for being “ignorant”, as people who were in polygamous relationships took precautionary measures to prevent Aids.

“Are you implying that people who get AIDS are not monogamous,” said another.

There was one, however, who came to Thusi’s rescue, saying her tweet was misinterpreted.

“I get Pearl’s point. Having multiple sexual partners is a risk factor for contracting HIV. She never said monogamy stops HIV.”

Thusi responded to the hate, saying she did not care how people interpreted her tweets.

“The day I care how everyone interprets my tweets would be sad. What’s worse is that they think I care. I’m just humbled that my opinion matters,” she said. 

In a series of tweets, Boity recently tackled polygamy and if it was natural for human beings to be in polygamous relationships.

When asked if she would consider being in a polygamous relationship or marriage, model and presenter Boitumelo ‘Boity’ Thulo said she still had a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer. For now, she said she was willing to discuss it with a future partner.

“I still have a lot to unlearn before giving an honest answer to this. Real talk. For now … I’m willing to discuss it with a future partner,” she said.

In a series of tweets, Boity went into an “honest” discussion with her followers, asking if monogamy was unnatural.

“I believe it is a conversation worth having. An open-minded, realistic discussion about monogamy. I’m open to learning. Hence I asked.”

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