Citizen reporter
1 minute read
6 May 2016
8:53 am

Nine questions with Fumani Shilubana

Citizen reporter

Shilubana will be staring in the film My Father’s War, set for release later this year.

Actor Fumani Shilubana. Picture: Michel Bega

1. Love is … when you’re not afraid to tell loved ones the truth. To tell them the truth they don’t want to hear.

2. My fondest memory growing up is … going on my first long distance family holiday with my parents to Durban when I was 9.

3. I love it when … I see my son smile and laugh.

4. I want to leave a legacy by … growing my Foundation FatherFigureZA (#FFZA) to change the mindset of fathers and mothers with a child. A child should be first. Also, to integrate men back into the family unit.

5. The most romantic date I have ever been on is when … I held a board on a busy intersection saying “It’s my anniversary. I am waiting for my lady to tell her I love her”.

6. I wouldn’t be at this point in my life without the help of … There are a few people who directly and indirectly contributed in my life. To mention one I would be doing a lot of injustice to all the ones who contributed in my journey.

7. My best friend would say … I’m a passionate father and a handsome guy, with a great passion for life and the principles he believes in. An active guy, who is crazy about sport and acting. Most of all, a kind of guy you are lucky to have on your side!

8. The hardest challenge I have faced thus far has been … having to adjust and find my feet after my divorce in 2012.

9. I love … peanut butter and jam (on my sandwich).